Revive Scotland is an evangelistic tour
from the North to the South of Scotland
12 locations in 12 weeks starting May 2022.  

Proposed Tour Dates & Locations:

 Week 1    30 May - 4 June   - Wick
 Week 2    6-11 June - Isle of Lewis
 Week 3    13-18 June - Black Isle
Week 4     20-25 June - Aberdeen
Week 5     27 June-2 July - St. Andrews
Week 6     4-9 July - Perth
Week 7     11-16 July - Stirling
Week 8     18-23 July - Glasgow
Week 9     25-30 July - Dumfries
Week 10     1-6 Aug - Edinburgh
 Week 11    8-13 Aug - Fraserburgh
 Week 12   15-20 Aug - Banff

We plan to tour from Wick to Dumfries sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and  
give the people of Scotland the opportunity to say, I HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW JESUS!!  

We will encourage people who make the decision to follow Jesus to get connected into local churches.  We will share the gospel throughout the week with a variety of events taking place.   

We pray these events are a catalyst for new believers to connect with a local church family  and that churches throughout Scotland will be unified in the vision  of the people of Scotland being saved.

Why a Tour?

Listen to  a 20 minute excerpt from a recent sermon where Pastor Rob McArthur shared the why behind the what. 

How Can We Give?

Invest in what God is doing in Scotland.  All funds will go directly towards the running costs for the outreach. 

I Want to Know More. 

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More Behind The Vision

Pastor Robert McArthur

"For over 10 years, the Lord has placed on my heart to be part of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people – not just in the northeast of Scotland – but all across the whole of Scotland and beyond.

This vision began when the Lord showed me a picture of an open air event locally in Banff. The fire in my heart was then stoked as I listened to a well-known prophecy from Jean Darnell - a vision for revival in Scotland and beyond.  Over the past few years the Lord has been reinforcing this vision as I have submitted it to other church leaders.  
 As a result, I feel led by the Lord to run an evangelistic tour around Scotland in the summer of 2022.  The tour will be called REVIVE SCOTLAND: I HAVE DECIDED which will begin in Wick and go as far south as Dumfries.

At the start of each week we would meet with local churches and prepare for the main events, which include events for children and young people, evangelism and which will culminate in a main celebration and Gospel message on the Saturday evening, with the opportunity for people who make the decision to follow Jesus into local churches on the Sunday.