Pathway to Wellbeing - Week 7

Financial wellbeing has been described as ‘a sense of security and feeling as though you have enough money to meet your needs’. Today we are going to look at some guiding principles from a Christian standpoint that help us to experience a sense of security concerning our finances.

In this session we meet Roy Crowne, president of HOPE Together; John Kirkby who founded Christians Against Poverty (CAP) and Alan and Julie, who became debt-free with CAP’s help; as well as Irene Oppong, who talks about being generous. Irene is a software engineer and works in Investment Banking. She is also church warden at Christ Church Spitalfields in London.

Starter Questions

• What subjects in life do you not enjoy talking about? Give a few examples.
• What experiences in life can affect our finances? When have you experienced changes in your life that had an impact on your financial position?

How is your Financial Wellbeing? 

Discussion Questions

1. Think about your current financial situation. What three words come to mind?

2. Consider these three words: spending-giving-saving. John Kirkby says ‘How you use your money reflects who you are.’ Are there any changes you would like to make in the next season?

3. How does the way we think about money affect our wellbeing?

4. What do you think of the idea that God is the provider and wants you to be financially healthy?

5. Which of the stories in this session’s film did you find most inspiring and why?


In twos and threes discuss whether there is a next step you need to take to improve your financial wellbeing.

Are you able to share whether you’re better at spending, giving or saving?

1. How do you approach your finances? Do you have a budget? Do you think about the impact of your spending today on your resources for the future?

2. Have you ever experienced God’s provision in your life, either day to day or in supernatural moments that you would be willing to share?

3. When have you experienced generosity from others? Are there times when you have been able to be generous to others? How did it make you feel?

Final Thought

What can you say thank you for? If you pray, stop and thank God for his financial provision.
Are there specific people that you could thank this week for giving to you? Could you message or write to them this week?
Is there someone, or a charity that you would like to give to this week? Make a decision to do this if you are able to do so?
We look forward to seeing you next week!