Pathway to Wellbeing - Week 3

In this session we are looking at our physical wellbeing. As integrated beings, how we care for our physical wellbeing impacts upon other areas of health. As we watch the film, you might want to jot down any new thoughts that come to you.

In this session Joanna meets Steve Uppal, who leads All Nations Church Wolverhampton, Dr Nkiru Oluwatosin, a medical doctor working with the National Health Service in England, and Jamie Jones-Buchanan, a sports chaplain and former rugby league player for Leeds Rhinos.

Starter Questions

When you think about physical wellbeing, what picture immediately comes to mind?

Reflect on your last week. How important is your physical wellbeing for you right now?

How does our Physical wellbeing impact us?

Discussion Questions

1. Think of a time when you felt in great shape physically. How did this make you feel?

2. What challenges do you think we face through the areas of diet, sleep and exercise?

3. What do you think motivates people to make a positive change?

4. What extremes in these areas can cause us to move into an unhealthy place? (e.g. gym obsession, eating too little, caffeine addiction etc.) Why might this happen?

5. Simon describes our bodies as ‘a gift’. If you believe in God what do you think he thinks about the human body?
If you’re not sure about God, what do you think the Christian God thinks about our physical wellbeing?


Discuss together in twos and threes In twos and threes, share as much as you feel able to.

1. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into three sections: Diet, Sleep and Exercise. 
Add into each section: I am pleased with myself when I . . . . . . . . .
As my next step to greater physical wellbeing, I commit to . . . . . . .

2. Jamie Jones-Buchanan recommends making yourself accountable. Discuss what works best for you – an app, a diary, reminders from a friend...

3. It’s important to review what we’ve learned and to decide on next steps. Take a moment to consider what step you could take to see an improvement in the following areas:
Diet: Are there any changes you need to make concerning your current eating or drinking habits? (This could involve when you eat, what you eat and any supplements you need to take.)
Sleep: Are there any practical steps that you need to take to help you sleep better?
Exercise: What one change could you make to help you start or improve your exercise regime?

Try to set a realistic goal, share it with others and then get started. Don’t be discouraged if you fail. Keep going – it will be worth it!

Final Thought

Are there areas that you find more challenging than others?