Pathway to Wellbeing - Week 1

Welcome to The Wellbeing Journey. We begin this journey together by looking at what we mean by wellbeing and the different areas of our lives this affects. Each week there will be time to get to know each other, have some input from a variety of speakers and then discuss all that we have heard and how we might apply this.

Starter Questions

Introduce yourself.

Try one of Joanna's ice-breaker questions:

- What is your favourite drink?
- What do you sing in the shower?

What would you like to get out of this series on wellbeing?

When you think of the word "wellbeing" what immediately comes to mind?


Joanna and Simon start the series thinking about what they want to get out of it. Joanna also meets Dr Roger Bretherton, Principal Lecturer for Enterprise in the School of Psychology at the University of Lincoln, and Dave Smith, author of ‘God’s Plan For Your Wellbeing’, the book that accompanies this series.

Discussion Questions

 1. Why has “wellbeing” become such an important subject?
2. What have you done in the past to improve your wellbeing?
3. How might our wellbeing affect those around us?
4. How much have you considered that God is involved in your wellbeing in the areas outlined? (See areas outlined on the 6 dials.)
5. What appeals to you about the word “shalom”?


Look at the six dials again to answer the following questions:
1. Take a moment to mark on the dials, or record somewhere on your mobile or other device, how you think you are doing in each area. (Red-Amber-Green).
2. Which area of wellbeing is your strongest?
3. Aim to think about each of the areas and its dial on different days this week and reflect on where you would like the dial to be.
4. Remember Roger Bretherton’s advice. Focus on one area at a time. Which area do you plan to focus on?
5. What stands out for you from Dave Smith’s story?

Final Thought

Reflect on the dials together and share an area where you would love to see improvement.  If you feel comfortable, share with your group.
We look forward to seeing you next week!